National Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer


XX School-Seminar of Young Scientists and Specialists under the leadership of the Academician, Professor A.I. Leontiev "PROBLEMS OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER AND GAS DYNAMICS IN POWER PLANTS"

First announcement


The School-Seminar of Young Scientists and Specialists under the leadership of Academician, Professor A.I. Leontiev is held once per two years, since 1977. The School-Seminar brings together young scientists, engineers and known scientists in the field of a thermal physics and heat transfer, providing an open forum for discussion of current and future research areas.

The Scientific-advisory and Organising Committees are pleased to announce the XX School-Seminar of Young Scientists and Specialists on the “Problems of Heat and Mass Transfer and Gas Dynamics in Power Plants”. The students, post-graduate students, engineers and young scientists (up to 35 years old) are invited. The event will be hosted at Joint Institute of High Temperature in May 25–29, 2015, Moscow, Russia.

The general purpose of XX School will be discussion of the results of development of heat and mass transfer science and to plan ways of its development in the near future.


Papers are invited on original studies of the experimental and mathematical modelling in following general areas:

  • Forced, Mixed and Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in One-Phase Medium;
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Disperse Flows (included Vapors/Gas – Liquide Flows, Flows with Solid Particles, Boiling, Flows in Porous Structure etc.);
  • Radiative and Complex Heat Transfer'
  • Conjugate Problems of Heat and Mass Transfer;
  • Application of Thermodynamic Methods in Heat and Mass Transfer Problems.

The above topics will be also discussed as regarding to power engineering application and to gas turbines, rocket engines, space facilities, nuclear reactors, cryogenic installations, environment protection. The special attention will be paid to the Problems of the Ecological Safety.

On November 1, 2015 the information on the School-Seminar will be available on Web-site of the National Committee of Heat and Mass Transfer :


The XX School-Seminar will be held at the Joint Institute of High Temperature ( ). Accommodation will be arranged at the resort “Ershovo”, Moscow Region


Filled Preliminary Application Form should be mailed to:

Dr. N.V. Medvetskaya, Scientific Secretary,
National Committee of Heat and Mass Transfer of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
IVT RAN, Krasnokazarmennaya 17A, Moscow 111116 Russia

E-mail: before February 2, 2015.

All Instructions for design will be available on the Web-site of XX School-Seminar after January 5, 2015: Authors should be mailed a paper (of maximal volume to 4 pages) to



Official languages of the School-Seminar will be English and Russian. Simultaneous Translation will be provided.


Registration fee is EUR 150.

This will include bound of School-Seminar Proceedings, coffee breaks and welcome reception.

The Registration fee will be paid by cash on the registration desk.