June 12-16, 2023

CONFERENCE TOPICS A wide range of topics related to classical and emerging areas of radiative transfer and their applications will be covered, including: Novel numerical, analytical and hybrid techniques for the solution of radiation transfer equation in multidimensional and complex geometries. Radiative transfer in optically complex media (anisotropic properties, graded index, etc.) Advanced radiative transfer models for industrial and combustion systems including furnaces, gas turbines, engines, clean combustion and novel propulsion concepts Radiative properties of gases, particles, agglomerates and non-homogenous structures; Interaction of radiation with conduction, convection, turbulence, chemical kinetics, and soot formation. Inverse solution techniques in radiation applications. Innovative application of radiative transfer for improved manufacturing processes. Fundamentals and applications of radiative transfer to remote sensing. Radiative transfer in atmospheres, oceans and climate-related problems Biomedical applications of radiation transfer Nano- and micro-scale radiative transfer. Radiative transfer-based diagnostic systems.