September 11-15, 2023

Experiments, techniques and theories on scalar transport and the role of turbulence in forced, natural and mixed convection Numerical simulations/modelling of turbulence and heat and mass transfer: DNS/LES, hybrid RANS/LES, DES, PANS, PDFs, (U)RANS Turbulent heat and mass transfer control and augmentation Unsteadiness, transients, and effect of body forces in turbulent heat and mass transfer Heat and mass transfer in compressible and high-speed flows Turbulence in two-phase flows, effects of turbulence in particulate, droplet and film heat and mass transfer Turbulence, heat and mass transfer in combustion and other reacting flows; turbulence-radiation interactions Environmental and geophysical turbulent flows and transport phenomena Turbulence-related utilization of heat and mass transfer in energy, process and environmental technologies Turbulence, heat and mass transfer in biological and biomedical flows Turbulence, heat and mass transfer in material processing, in MHD and other special applications